White tongue in a newborn while breastfeeding? Don't panic!
Why does a newborn have a white tongue? Usually, a newborn's tongue is pink and velvety, without ulcerations. However
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Many women and girls face the problem of itchy breasts during breastfeeding (breastfeeding).
Acceptable antibiotics after cesarean section, so as not to wean the baby from the breast
Women who have had or are about to have a caesarean section often worry about the consequences.
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Among young and experienced mothers, supplementary feeding systems have recently become particularly popular.
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When a baby eats both breasts in one feeding
/About children/Breastfeeding and artificial feeding. Complementary feeding/Breastfeeding problems Why does a child refuse to take one breast? How
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VK email Buffer Print The child grows up and needs breast milk less and less. His
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Often the mammary glands of one woman have different sizes. If it doesn't rush in
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The nuances of breastfeeding after cesarean section The amount of milk a woman has directly depends on
Is it possible to take Smecta while breastfeeding?
Smecta helps with intestinal disorders. The product is a powder that must be diluted with water and